Managing a Warehouse Batch

After you create a warehouse batch that contains multiple shipping orders, you can search, view, and edit them.

  1. In Order Management Fulfillment Center: click Warehouse Manager.
  2. From the Warehouse Batch Summary section, search for and view shipping order batches in each of the following states:
    • Unapproved
    • Printing
    • Waiting Fulfillment
    1. Click a View link for each of the states.
    2. To narrow your search on the Warehouse Batches page, select or enter one or more of the following:
      • Enter a batch number.
      • Select a Quick Search status from the list:
        • Active
        • Alerted
        • Suspended
        • Closed
        • Waiting Approval
        • Allocating
        • Printing
        • Waiting Fulfillment
      • Select a flag.
    3. Click Search.

      The Warehouse Batch section lists the resulting shipping order batches. The following fields display for each batch:

      • Selection Checkbox
      • Alerted Icon
      • ID (link)
      • Date
      • Label
      • Description
      • Printer (appears only if the WarehouseBatchPrinter custom attribute was created in the Attribute Manager)
      • Status
      • Flag Icon
  3. You can perform any of these further actions on the Warehouse Batches page:
    1. Click Approve to approve the batch.
    2. Click Reprint to reprint batch documents.
    3. Click the Excel icon beneath the list to export it.
    4. Click the ID link for a batch to view the details .
  4. You can view and edit the details for that batch on the Warehouse Batch detail window.
    1. Click the ID for the batch to open the Warehouse Batch Detail window.
    2. In the General Information section,, click Edit to edit the fields marked (editable), as follows:
      • Date
      • Label (editable)
      • Description (editable)
      • Status
      • Printer (editable) Displays only if the WarehouseBatchPrinter custom attribute was created in the Attribute Manager.
    3. In the Batch Contents section, view the shipping orders included in the current batch or click Edit to add them.
      The following fields display:
      • Status
      • Method
      • Shipping orders (matching the associated status and method)
      • Pieces in the shipping orders (matching the associated status and method)
      • Subtotal of the shipping orders (matching the associated Status and Method)
    4. You can perform any of these actions to the batch shipping order.
      • Approve
      • Reprint
      • Delete
  5. If automated client printing is enabled, the approved batch is sent to the print queue by a job that runs every 10 minutes.
    The batch is changed to Waiting Fulfillment.
  6. When all shipping orders in the batch have been fulfilled, the batch is closed.
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