Packing Items for Shipping

Use Pack Station to track and confirm picked items as they are packed for shipping. Start by creating a picking order, which includes one or more shipping orders. Then physically pick the items for those shipping orders and scan them into the picking order.

Note: Some interaction with Pack Station is performed using a handheld scanner. Clicking a scan field opens a window that enables manual text entry. Enter the text, then press Enter to close the window and populate the field. Click Print Command Sheet at the bottom of the Pack Station page to view a list of scannable bar codes in a new tab or window. Use these bar codes to execute certain commands.

This verification step provides a chance to catch voided shipping orders before they are sent out the door. If a shipping order is voided prior to pick/pack, when you enter the voided shipping order into Pack Station, it appears as voided and item packing is disabled.

Scanning item codes ensures that the right item quantity is packaged. Positive and negative tones provide audible feedback to the packer, avoiding the need to check the page after scanning each item.

Note: You can also select shipping orders in the Order Management: Fulfillment Center > Shipping Order Queue > Waiting PickPack tab > click Order Packed. However, this method has a greater risk of errors.

In some cases, you can short-ship a shipping order. This can occur when some items in the shipping order are unavailable and you want to send a partial shipment.

If you click Pack when not all items in the shipping order have been scanned, the unscanned items are removed from the shipping order and the original sales order is alerted and suspended. When the alert is cleared and the sales order is unsuspended, the unpacked Items are allocated to a new shipping order.

  1. In Order Management Fulfillment Center: click Pack Station.

    The title bar shows the current status, for example, Waiting for Items to be scanned, and a real-time clock that measures the time spent on the pack.

  2. On the Locate Order tab, select a shipping order.
    1. Scan the pack sheet or enter the shipping order number.
    2. Click Locate Shipping Order to advance to the Scan Items tab.
  3. On the Scan Items tab, view the items in the Shipping Order in the Items to Pack panel.
    As items are scanned, they move to the Items Packed panel. When all the items have been scanned, the boxes on the page are highlighted in green.
    1. Click Item Locate.
    2. Enter an item label or name in the field.
    3. Click Locate.
      The item's warehouse location appears.
  4. On the Validate Pack tab, view items in the shipping order that have not yet been packed.
    1. Click Cancel Shipping Order to cancel the order.
    2. Click Print Pack Sheet to print the pack sheet (only enabled if all items have been packed).
  5. Click Reset (on the command bar at the bottom of the page), to reset the packing process.
  6. Click Print Pack Sheet (on the command bar at the bottom of the page) to print the pack sheet.
    This is only enabled if all items have been packed.
  7. Click Print Command Sheet (on the command bar at the bottom of the page) to view scannable bar codes for various commands.
  8. Click the input field.
  9. Scan the bar code on the pick sheet for the shipping order being packed, or enter the shipping order number and click Locate Shipping Order.
    If the shipping order has been voided or doesn't exist, you won't be allowed to continue.
  10. If required by your business process, click Print Pack Sheet to print a Pack Sheet. If required, include it in the package.
  11. Click the Validate Pack tab. Alternatively, you can click Print Command Sheet to open the Command Sheet, then scan the Validate command.
  12. A summary appears. If an item on the shipping order has not been scanned, it is noted here. If all items have been scanned properly, then Pack Ready appears.
  13. Verify the Items, then click Pack to mark the order as ready to ship. If all items in the shipping order have been packed, the order advances to the Waiting Fulfillment status.
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