Picking Items for Shipping Orders

Use Pick Station to track items as they are picked for shipping orders. A picking order includes one or more shipping orders.

You need to physically pick the Items for those shipping orders and scan them into the picking order. Scanning item codes ensures that the right items and quantity are picked.

  1. In Order Management Fulfillment Center: click Pick Station, view a list of open picking orders.
  2. Search for a picking order by entering a shipping order number in the Shipping Order # field and clicking Refresh.

    This removes all picking orders from the list except the one that includes the specified shipping order. The following fields display:

    • Picking Order No.
    • Date
    • User
    • Status
  3. To process a new picking order, click New Picking order.
  4. To process an existing picking order, click a picking order number.
    1. On the Continue Picking Order page, you can pick items that are in the order.
    2. Click Start Picking Remaining to pick items.
    3. Click Void to void the picking order.
      If items have been picked, you are prompted to scan the location tag for the location where you will return the picked items.
    4. On the Scan panel, view the current assignee and scan fields for the current picking order.

      Set the following fields by scanning the appropriate tags as you pick items.

      • Cart Location (read-only once an item has been picked)
      • Shipping Order #
      • Item Location
      • Item #
    5. In the Shipping Orders Collected section, view the shipping orders being picked as part of the current picking order:
      • Shipping Order No.
      • Description
      • # Units
      • # Remaining
      • Bin
    6. In the Unpicked items section, view the items in the picking order that have not yet been picked:
      • Item #
      • Description
      • Qty
  5. Following the pick sheets for the included shipping orders, collect the required items.
    Positive and negative scanner tones provide audible feedback to the picker, avoiding the need to check the page after scanning every Item.
    1. As you pick each item, scan its location tag of the picking cart and the item code.
      The Remaining Items panel shows your progress.
    2. Press Enter to close the window and populate the field.
    3. If you can't find an item, enter its code in the Item # field and click the Can't Find button at the bottom of the page.
    4. Continue until you have picked all items.
    5. Click Command Sheet at the bottom of the Pick Station page.

      A list of scannable bar codes open in a new browser tab or window. Use these bar codes to execute certain commands or to enter default values for some of the fields.

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