Receive Returns and Create Return Orders

You can create a return and a return order in the system when a returned item is received at a site. Verify that the Items were returned to Inventory and were in Returnable condition
  1. In Order Management Fulfillment Center, open Inventory Station.
  2. Select Receive Return.
  3. Find the order associated with the returned item:
    • Search using the sales order, shipping order, or return order number. Select the order type from the list, enter the number in the text field, and press Enter.
    • Search using the package tracking number. Enter the tracking number in the Tracking # field and press Enter.

    A list of eligible items in the selected order appears along with the following quantities specific to the selected order:

    • Shipped in this order (SH)
    • Credited in this order (CR)
    • Returnable
    • Inbound returns
  4. Click the Details link for an item.
    A window opens showing current stock and pricing information for the item.
  5. Find the received item in the list and click its Return button.
    1. In the window that opens, enter the quantity received in the Quantity field.
    2. Check the Restockable box if the received item can be restocked.
      This generally means that the item is in saleable condition.
    3. Select a return reason from the Reason list.
      • Admin Cancel
      • Customer Cancel
      • Fraud Prevention Cancel
      • Unknown
      • Warehouse Cancel
    4. Enter a description of the return in the Description field.
    5. To include the shipping and/ or handling fee in the return credit, check the appropriate boxes in the Credit Includes section.
    6. To create an exchange order, click Add Item in the Replacement Items section to display item entry fields.
      An exchange order can only be created if Return Exchanges is enabled in the Fulfillment Center provider.
      The tax on the replacement items is calculated using the tax rate applied to the returned items in the original order.
    7. Enter the item code in the Code field and a quantity in the Qty field.
    8. Add more items by clicking Add Item again.
    9. Click Update to close the window.
  6. Select the credit method from the list at the bottom of the page.
    Options are Credit to Original Methods or Credit to Gift Card. If gift cards are not enabled, then the credit can only be made to the original payment methods. If you are creating an exchange order, then the credit, including any tax or price adjustments, is applied to the items in it.
  7. Click Submit to submit the return and create a return order (if one doesn't yet exist).
    If return order approvals are enabled, you must approve the return order in Customer Service Center before the return order (and exchange order if applicable) is processed. The return and return order numbers display.
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