Warehouse Batch Queues

Warehouse Batch queues are used to track and manage warehouse batches as they progress through the workflow. They can be accessed in the Fulfillment Center Warehouse Manager.




Waiting Approval

Batches that must be approved before being printed and fulfilled. If approval is performed manually, then this queue should be monitored regularly to identify and approve batches as needed. If approval is performed by an automated process, then this queue should be monitored for batches that remain unapproved after the process has run.

  • Manual batch approvals: High. Approve shipping order batches as needed.
  • Automated batch approvals: Low. Investigate shipping order batches that are not being approved by the automated process.


Batches that are currently printing.

Low. In general, this queue simply provides information. In the event of a problem with the batch printing system, it might aid in the investigation.

Waiting Fulfillment

Batches that are awaiting fulfillment.

High. A buildup of batches in this queue might indicate a problem.


The automated process for approving shipping order batches fails silently due to a system error. An Order Management user notices a buildup of shipping order batches in the Waiting Approval queue and investigates the reason for the approval process’ failure to run.

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