Configuring Resources

Order Management users can manage (add, edit, or remove) localized resource labels/data for customer-facing documents.

When you configure the new or existing resource in the Resource Manager, you can create and configuring a custom template for localization.

See Localization and Customer-Facing Documents.

  1. In Order Management Administration: click Settings > Resources.
  2. On the Resource Manager page, add a new resource or select an existing resource:
    1. To add a new resource, click New Resource and then click pencil icon (???) or Edit on the Resource page.

      Enter text for the resource ID and Label in the General section (required fields noted with '*'). All text that you want localized should be included in the Default field.

      For example, to create an order message template you could enter the following:

      • *ID: Order_Message
      • *Label: Order Message
      • Description: confirmation email regarding your order
      • Default: Thank you for ordering from the {0} store. Your order number is {1}. Retain this email to reference the order.
        Note: * refers to data that is automatically populated from the customer order.
    2. To select an existing resource, search for a resource using the search criteria at the top of the page, or view a list of all available resources by clicking the view link in the Resource Summary section.

      Select the resource you want to localize.

      The Resource - XXXX page opens, where XXXX is the name of the label.

      • The General section contains the resource ID and Label.
      • The text in the Default field is the text to localize for each language.

      Click Edit to make changes in the General section.

  3. In the Localizations section, select the language from the Localization Code list and click Add.

    The language appears in the Localizations section. For example, you could select French.

    Note: The languages that display in the list were set when configuring the localization.
  4. Click the language's link in the Localizations section, for example, the French link.
  5. On the Edit Localized Resource Detail page, enter the localized text in the Value field, for example, for French, the translated text might be:

    Merci pour votre commande du magasin {0}. Votre numéro de commande est {1}. Veuillez conserver cet email pour faire référence à l'ordre.

  6. Click Save, or click Cancel to exit the page without making changes.
  7. Repeat for each language. Use the trash can icon (???) to delete a language.
  8. Click the X to exit the page.
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