Customer-Facing Documents

Customer-facing documents (email, pack slips, shipping labels, reports, return slips, and receipts) generated by Order Management are localized according to the locale of the customer order. Customer-facing documents have two parts: the resources such as form labels, and the document format, called a template. You can configure new or existing resources and templates when creating localized custom templates.

Note: Product description information comes from Salesforce B2C Commerce. If the merchant catalogs are translated, this information can be shown in a translated language.

Standard locale-specific address formats associated with specific countries are printed on customer-facing documents. The localized information on the customer-facing documents is generated as follows:

For example, a customer who placed an order on a German web site receives the pack sheet printed in German. However, the Fulfillment site associate, who is fulfilling the order, is based in France and views the pick sheet in French.

Note: Use a third-party tool to manage, change, or localize a system report. Contact the Support team for assistance.

Scenario 1: Localized Pack Sheets

Scenario: Customer Service Center
A customer in Germany calls the Customer Service Center in France to return an item from a recently received order placed on the web site. The customer doesn't want an exchange. The Customer Service Representative (CSR) must process the return; the email confirmation sent to the customer, however, must be in German.
The CSR processes the order as follows, even though the email confirming the return is printed in German, the language of the customer's order:
  1. Log into Customer Service Center using the user profile, which is localized in French, even though they communicate with the customer in German.
  2. Click Find Orders, then search for and locate the order.
  3. Process the return. See Creating Returns in Customer Service Center.

Based on the provider configuration settings, email notifications are sent to the customer in German, confirming the return. If not enabled, the Order Management user can manually send an email to the customer from the Email button on the Order Detail page.

Scenario 2: Localized Pick and Pack Sheets

Scenario: Fulfillment Center

A shipping order is in Waiting Fulfillment status. The France-based fulfillment site associate must pick the item, print the pack sheet, and ship it to a German customer. The fulfillment site associate must read the pick sheet in French while the pack sheet and shipping label are printed in German for the German customer.
The fulfillment site associate in France performs these steps to fulfill the order, even though the pack sheet and shipping label are printed in German:
  1. Log into Customer Service Center using the user profile, which is localized in French.
    1. Click Home.
    2. Click Profile.
  2. Click Fulfillment Center and then Home.
  3. On the Fulfillment Center home page, click Pick Station.
  4. From the list of open picking orders shows, search and locate the order.
  5. Scan the location tag and pick the Items in the order.
  6. Print the pack sheet, which is in German for the customer.
Note: Emails are localized if templates are configured for localization. If localized email templates are not created, all email defaults to the Order Management base locale. If no base locale is specified, the default is English.

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