Business Manager Orders Page

The Business Manager Orders page provides a search function and shows the status of specific orders.

You can select an order ID to view the details of that order. The History tab on the details page can display error information, if applicable. Some of the errors that can affect order status include:

You can also click the OM icon next to the order ID to open the order details page in Order Management in a new browser tab.

Click Resubmit All Failed Orders at the bottom of the list of orders to requeue all failed orders for integration with Order Management. You can requeue an individual failed order by clicking Resubmit in its row in the orders list.

Status of Individual Orders

The list of orders includes two columns that show the status of individual orders. The Status column shows the status of the order in Salesforce B2C Commerce, while the Order Management column shows the integration status of the order:

Order Management Integration Status Description
Accepted Integration has completed successfully. Click the OM icon next to the order number to open the order details in Order Management in a new browser tab.
? Failed Integration has failed. Click the ? to view the order history, which can include useful error messages. Click Resubmit in the right column to requeue the order for integration.
Sending Integration is in progress. If an order remains in this status for more than two minutes, it can indicate a problem.
Excluded The order belongs to a Site that isn't integrated with Order Management.
N/A Integration isn't applicable to the order.
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