Migration Procedure

When migrating from the legacy Salesforce B2C Commerce cartridge system to the new integration, do the following:

  1. Disable the order export job in the Mainstreet cartridge in B2C Commerce. Navigate to Administration > Operations > Schedules > Export Orders Details and uncheck the Enabled box.
  2. Enable the new integration in the Demandware and Digital Integration providers in Order Management as described in the B2C Commerce Integration Setup and Configuration Topic. If you have multiple B2C Commerce connections configured for testing, you must select the production connection and activate production mode in the Digital Integration Provider.
  3. Request any existing orders that remained unexported after the export job was disabled. You can make this request in one of two ways:
    • Use the Cleanup Not Exported resource in the internal integration API.
    • Click the Integration Cleanup button in the Digital Integration provider settings.
  4. Have the Platform Operations team disable the order import job.
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