Creating a Customer in the Administration Module

A customer record is most commonly created during order processing in Customer Service Center. However, an Order Management Administrator has the ability and flexibility to also create a new customer record in the Customer Manager of the Administration module. When a new customer record is created, billing and shipping address information for that customer, as well as other customer-specific information can be collected.

To create a customer through Customer Manager, follow these steps:

  1. In the Customers accordion menu, select Customer Manager. The Customer Manager page appears.
  2. Click the New Customer link in the Customer Summary section. The Add Customer dialog appears.
  3. Enter the customer information including Name, Email addresses, Phone numbers, Billing and Shipping Country, Shipping, and Company addresses, Tax ID and Exempt status, Credit limit, Price level, and Shipping method. In addition, you can select to receive email information or if you want to accept back orders.
    Note: The address format is based on the country selected in the Country and Ship Country drop-down lists. See Localization.
  4. Click Update. The Customer Information page appears. You can review, add, change, or delete information for the customer. Some of the information in the next steps are relevant once the customer has created an order.
  5. Click Edit or (???) to make any changes in the General Information section. The Edit Customer dialog appears.
  6. To copy general information from this customer record to all open records, note the following:
    • Copy the Default Terms (Price Tier, Default Terms, Credit Limit, Back Orders) to all open records by clicking the Copy To button.
    • Copy the Billing address to all open records by clicking the Copy To button.
    • Copy the Shipping address to all open records by clicking the Copy To button.
  7. Click Update when completed or Cancel if you don't want to accept the changes.
  8. To add extended attributes from the Extended Attributes section, select the extended attributes from the drop-down list and click Add or Add All.
  9. Click New in the Address section to add another address. This refers to additional addresses that are associated with the customer.
  10. Click New in the Payment Methods section to add a payment method. Payment Method refers to the payment type that a customer uses to purchase goods, such as credit or debit cards, gift cards, PayPal. The Payment Method details page appears.
  11. Enter information into the fields and then click Save, or click Cancel if you don't want to save the changes.
  12. To add item codes from the Custom Catalog/Pricing section, enter the Item code in the Item Code field.
  13. In the Custom Catalog/Pricing section, type an item code in the Item Code field and click Add To List or click Locate in List to find the item code in the list of item codes.
  14. The Details section of the Customer Information page contains tabs with the following order-related information, which provides useful information once the customer has created an order.
    • Linked Orders: All sales shipping orders for the customer.
    • Unapplied Payments: All payments for the customer that are awaiting application to an invoice.
    • Open Invoices: All invoices for the customer that are not closed. The Print Statement button generates a PDF statement summarizing the open invoices and outstanding balances for that customer.
    • Activities: Enables the creation of activities on the customer record.
    • Emails: Enables the creation of emails on the customer record.
    • System Events: Shows system events on the customer record.

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