Managing Inventory of Individual Items in the Administration Module

If you want or need to update the inventory of items, you can do it from the Item details page, which is accessed from the Inventory Manager in the Administration module. You can manage the status of the items that make up your inventory on a daily or on-demand basis. The Inventory Manager is used to manage items in Order Management.

See Searching for Items for information on searching for items in the Administration module.

Open the Item details page for the desired item and scroll to the Inventory section.

The top of the Inventory section shows a number of global inventory quantities for the item. These include:

A table of quantities by site appears below the totals. Use the checkboxes on the right side to control which site types are included in the table:

Adjusting the on Hand, on Order, or Safety Stock Quantities by Site

To adjust the On Hand, On Order, or Safety Stock quantities of the item for a particular site:

  1. Select the site from the Inventory Site drop-down list on the top right of the Inventory section.
  2. Enter an On Hand quantity (positive or negative values) in the OH field. If no entry is made, then the current quantity isn't changed.
  3. Enter an On Order quantity in the OO field. If no entry is made, then the current quantity isn't changed.
  4. Enter a Safety Stock quantity in the SS field. If no entry is made, then the current quantity isn't changed.
    Note: Safety Stock can only be entered for physical items. It can't be set directly for master or kit items.
  5. Click Adjust. Any values entered in the OH, OO, or SS fields replace those quantities for the selected site.

Modifying Item Inventory Details by Site

Click Edit for a site in the table to modify the following fields for the current item:

Deleting All Item Inventory from a Site

Clicking the delete (trash can) icon for a site in the table removes all inventory of the item from that site. Be careful! This action takes effect immediately and can't be undone.

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