Shipping Order Queues

Shipping Order Queues are used to track and manage Shipping Orders as they progress through the workflow. They can be accessed in the Shipping Manager in the Administration module, or in the Shipping Order Queue in Fulfillment Center.

Retail Center uses its own set of store-specific Shipping Order Queues. See Retail Center Shipping Order Queues for information.





Shipping Orders that might require attention


Waiting Approval

Shipping Orders that must be approved before progressing in the workflow

Low if approvals are automated; high if approvals are manual

Waiting Assignment

Shipping Orders that must be assigned to Site resources


Waiting Pick/ Pack

Shipping Orders that are ready for picking and packing of Items


Waiting Fulfillment/ to Fulfill

Shipping Orders that are packed and waiting to be shipped


Waiting Filing

Shipping Orders that require final recordkeeping


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