Configuring Processors and Methods

Payment processing providers support multiple payment methods, such as American Express, Visa, or MasterCard. Some payment providers also enable you to configure custom payment methods (CustomCharge) such as store cards, credit cards, debit cards, online banking, settlement on delivery.

Configuration steps can include:

  1. Select the payment method. This can include a method from the payment pick list or can be set as a custom payment method.
    • In Order Management Administration: Settings > Preferences > Pick Lists.
    • From the first drop-down, select Payment Methods. A list of payment methods already created appears, if applicable.
    • From the second drop-down, select a listed payment method or select a custom payment method (CustomCharge1 - CustomChange15) and then click Add item or Add All. The newly added payment or custom payment method appears in the list.
  2. Select the payment processor, configure the processor settings, and define the supported payment methods that are used for transactions during the sales order workflow.
    • Click Settings > Preferences > External Processors > Payment.
    • On the Payment Processors page, select the processor from the drop-down list.
      Note: (Optional) Associate the processor with a catalog by selecting a catalog from the Catalog drop-down list or associate the processor with a site by selecting the site from the Site drop-down list.
    • Configure the payment processor either manually or via import by clicking one of the following buttons:
      • Add to manually configure the payment processor field information. Then click Update.
      • Import to import the configuration information. Then click Update.
    • Configure the settings for the payment processor.
      Note: Processor Setting fields vary based on the selected payment processor. For example, Adyen supports, multi-capture of payments capture delay of payments, and synchronous/asynchronous modes, but doesn't support tokenization.
    • Select the supported payment methods associated with the payment processor. Click all that apply.
  3. Configure the payment method at the company, catalog, or site level.
    • Click Settings > Providers > Payment.
    • Select a payment method from the Payment Method drop-down and click Add.
    • Select the processor from the Processor drop-down.
    • Select Freeform Terms & Description from the settings drop-down to define a text block describing payment terms. Then click Add Individual Setting.
    • Click Update.
  4. Specify at the payment level, the payment transaction override to use when a Customer Service cart is submitted for processing. Possible entries are NONE, AuthOnly, or Sale.
    • Click Settings > Providers > Customer Service.
    • Based on the level, select a catalog from the Catalog list, a site from the Site lists, or click the Company Level link under Customer Service provider profiles. The Customer Service provider form opens with a list of settings, not all of which are visible by default.
    • Under Object Configuration, select Order Entry Payment Transaction Override from the list and click Add Individual Setting.
    • In the Data column, enter text into free-form fields, such as Visa=Sale or CustomCharge1=Sale.
    • Click Update.
  5. You can now import the order XML or order JSON into Order Management.
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