LINK cartridge within Salesforce B2C Commerce supports payment integrations with Order Management and enables LINK technology partners to handle and implement payment integrations using the LINK cartridges. This payment processor enablement provides options for processors and removes the Order Management dependency on the actual implementation.

When enabled, LINK payment stores payment cartridges in a centralized location. Existing storefront cartridges that support authorization, capture, and sale transactions can now include other transactions that are needed to support Order Management capabilities, such as refunds, credits, and voids, by installing a single cartridge. For new customers, the LINK Payment processor is enabled by default.

Historically, all payment integrations for OM were built into the product, so LINK cartridges for payment integrations were not supported. Order Management no longer stores untokenized or sensitive payment information.

Note: LINK Technology partners with existing B2C Commerce cartridges need to perform configuration and modifications to support integration with Order Management. Contact your Salesforce Commerce Cloud Support team. Cartridges must be re-certified by Commerce Cloud - Center of Excellence. Certified cartridges are posted to the LINK Marketplace.
Note: LINK uses JSON files to communicate in the same structure and format as the payment provider portal.
A set of interfaces standardizes the way LINK partners implement and expose features related to payment processing in the B2C Commerce ecosystem. The interfaces express concepts related to the payment actions during the checkout and post-sale activity phases. The LINK payment interface describes the basic payment actions that are a set of well-defined payment transactions that are adopted all across the industry. They include:
  • Authorization
  • Capture
  • Sale (Auth and Capture)
  • Refunds
  • Credits
  • Void

The LINK payment integration supports B2C Commerce payment processors, evaluates the payment information and verifies whether to use a B2C Commerce payment processor as part of the LINK payment process. If LINK payment is enabled, the system checks whether a B2C Commerce payment processor exists. If the processor exists, the payment is associated with that specific processor. If the B2C Commerce payment processor is not enabled, the default payment logic is used to determine the correct payment processor.

Manually configure a B2C Commerce payment processor in Order Management Administration: Settings > Preferences > External Processors > Payment. Then, select Digital Processor from the Processor dropdown list. You must populate the DigitalProcessorInstance field with the same processor on the B2C Commerce site.

A new input field, AuthExpirationDays, has been added to the B2C Commerce payment processor. When configuring this field in the B2C Commerce processor settings, only a positive two-digit number greater than 0 is allowed. Any other input characters are removed.

Error Messages

These error types are now displayed in Order Management to help you resolve payment transaction errors. The error types include:
  • Payment processor errors from B2C Commerce. This occurs when payment transactions failed.
  • Token error messages when Order Management can't retrieve the token from Account Manager. A LINK payment relies on existing Account Manager communication to retrieve the bearer token and send it with each request.
  • HTTP response status codes from B2C Commerce. These occur when an API call from Order Management receives an error from B2C Commerce.
    • Error Status Code 400+. The error occurred in B2C Commerce (client). The error explains whether it is a temporary or permanent condition. These status codes are applicable to any request method.
    • Error Status Code 500+. The server fails to fulfill a request, such as when it encounters an error that can't perform the request.

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