American Express

American Express is a supported Moneris credit card payment method that is used for transactions during the sales order workflow. American Express is included by default in the payment pick list. It isn't set as a CustomCharge.

Before you can use payment processors and their supported payment methods for transactions during the sales order workflow, configuration is required in Order Management.

The order XML or order JSON is imported into Order Management with the payment tag when the payment is Authorized or Captured outside of Order Management. The initial AUTH transaction response from Moneris is serialized in XML format and sent in bfResponseData. You can also store the monerisECI custom attribute in order to store the ECI values for subsequent Order Management transactions.

Example: Payment Tag in JSON

Here is a sample JSON order that uses the Salesforce B2C Commerce - Order Management integration. Note the following payment tags:

This example shows the payment tag in JSON.

Note: The JSON is the same except that the transaction-type = CAPTURE.
              "order_payment_instrument_pos": [{
                "$id": 13,
                "uuid": "ab4d479b648d78ed47c30dd751",
                "domain_id": "bcC4kiaageA2MaaadehslZMFRd",
                "oca": 325516093,
                "creation_date": "2017-04-25T13:08:12.654Z",
                "last_modified": "2017-04-25T13:08:13.677Z",
                "payment_method": "CREDIT_CARD",
                "encrypted_credit_card_number": "XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-4242",
                "ek_id": 42785,
                "credit_card_holder": "John Doe",
                "credit_card_type": "Visa",
                "credit_card_expiration_month": 7,
                "credit_card_expiration_year": 2021,
                "credit_card_valid_from_month": null,
                "credit_card_valid_from_year": null,
                "credit_card_issue_number": null,
                "bank_account_drivers_license_state_code": null,
                "bank_account_holder": null,
                "encrypted_bank_account_number": null,
                "bank_routing_number": null,
                "encrypted_bank_account_drivers_license": null,
                "gift_certificate_id": null,
                "creditcard_token": null,
                "line_item_ctnr_id": "f5adee1ab5bcab285ef453e03f",
                { "$ref": 0 }
                "order_payment_transaction_pos": [{
                    "$id": 14,
                    "uuid": "61dc90e970358f77f6e75b1a1c",
                    "domain_id": "bcC4kiaageA2MaaadehslZMFRd",
                    "oca": 325516096,
                    "creation_date": "2017-04-25T13:08:12.654Z",
                    "last_modified": "2017-04-25T13:08:13.678Z",
                    "status": 0,
                    "service_transaction_id": "be5cc95f-a210-479c-9fcb-aa23f7413750",
                    "amount_code": "CAD",
                    "amount_value": 205.00,
                    "description": null,
                    "payment_processor_id": "bcnWEiaage3MQaaade8cFZMFRd",
                    "payment_instrument_info_id": "ab4d479b648d78ed47c30dd751",
                    "type": "CAPTURE",
                    "record": null,
                    "invoice_number": null,
                    { "$ref": 13 }
                    "attribute_values": [ {
                        "owner_id": "61dc90e970358f77f6e75b1a1c",
                        "name": "monerisECI",)
                        "context_id": "default",
                        "idx": 0,
                        "localized_flag": false,
                        "type": 3,
                        "int_value": null,
                        "double_value": null,
                        "string_value": "9",
                        "text_value": null,
                        "date_value": null,
                        "oca": 325516093,
                        "last_modified": "2017-04-25T13:08:13.666Z",
                        { "$ref": 14 }
                        "owner_id": "61dc90e970358f77f6e75b1a1c",
                        "name": "bfResponseData", 
                        "context_id": "default",
                        "idx": 0,
                        "localized_flag": false,
                        "type": 3,
                        "int_value": null,
                        "double_value": null,
                        "string_value": "<?xml version=\"1.0\" standalone=\"yes\"?>                  
                                        <Message>APPROVED           *                    
                                        "text_value" : null,
                        "date_value": null,
                        "oca": 325516093,
                        "last_modified": "2017-04-25T13:08:13.674Z",
                        { "$ref": 14 }
                    "processor_id": "MONERIS_CREDIT"

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