Viewing Shipping Order History in Retail Center

You can browse shipping orders that have been fulfilled by the current store or voided shipping orders that were allocated to the store in Order Management Retail Center. The only available actions on this page are viewing order details and printing order documentation.
  1. In Order Management Retail Center: click the History tab to display any shipping orders that have been fulfilled by the store.
  2. Search for an order using the following search criteria:

    These are the search fields:

    • Shipping Method: restrict the list to shipping orders that use a specific shipping method.
    • Search Key: restrict the list based on the following search criterion and an entered search term:
      • Shipping Order No.
      • Order No.
      • Item No.
      • Name
      • Email
      • Phone
    • Range: restrict the list based on a date range, such as All, Today, This Week, or Last Week.
  3. Click Search.
  4. On the Shipping Order History page, a list of shipping orders that match the search criteria appears.

    These are the fields:

    • Shipping order checkboxes: select one or more shipping orders to be printed. Print options include: Pick Sheet Grouped, Pick Sheet, Pack Sheet.
    • ID: click to open the Shipping Order details page for that shipping order
    • Date: date on which the shipping order was created
    • Fulfilled: date on which the shipping order was fulfilled
    • Method: shipping method selected for the shipping order
    • Description: description of the shipping order. This usually includes the customer's name or company name, if applicable.
    • Currency: currency in which the associated sales order was placed
    • Total: total amount of the shipping order in the shown currency
    • Status: current status of the shipping order. Most shipping orders in this queue are Closed or Waiting Filing.
  5. Click a shipping order ID or the arrow icon to the right of a row.
  6. On the Shipping Order details page, view the history information.

    This page shows the shipping order number and status at the top of the page. These are the sections:

    • Shipping order information header: date, customer number, requested shipping method, billing and shipping addresses
    • Shipping order line items: item image, item code, item description, quantity in the shipping order, and quantity that has been fulfilled
    • Shipments in the shipping order: ID, date, description (shipping method) and tracking number (if included, this links to the carrier's tracking system). Note that if there is an information icon to the right of the shipment tracking number, it indicates a purged shipping label based on the shipping label retention policy.
    • Order totals for the shipping order: subtotal, price adjustments, shipping, handling tax, total
  7. Click Print Pack Sheet to print a pack sheet for the shipping order. Note that if shipping labels are purged, the shipping label print capability is no longer active; this button isn't visible.
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