Create a Custom Business Object Definition

Use Business Manager to create a custom business object definition. A custom object definition is available for use in all storefronts defined for the organization.

  1. Select Administration > Site Development > Custom Object Types.
  2. To add a definition, click Add.
  3. Define your custom object and a key attribute.
    The attribute stores a unique key for every custom object of this type.
    For example, create a ProcessingDays object that lets you inform customers how long it takes for their order to ship. Add a ShipmentNo key attribute.
  4. Click the Attribute Definitions tab.
    The system automatically creates three attributes for you: UUID, creationDate, and lastModified. These attributes store system data and can't be removed.
  5. To add more attributes, click New.
    For example, add the attributes OrderProcessing, Shipping, and TotalShippingTime.
  6. To save your changes, click Apply.
  7. To return to the previous page, click Back.
  8. To define attribute groups, click the Attribute Grouping tab.
    Attribute groups are shown in Business Manager and let you create or edit objects created through scripts.
  9. To add an attribute group, click New.
    For example, create a new attribute group called ShipmentTime.
  10. To add attributes to the group, click Edit.
    For example, add the attributes OrderProcessing, Shipping, and TotalShippingTime.
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