Commerce Cloud Accounts FAQ

Salesforce B2C Commerce uses a unified account management system, Account Manager. This topic answers common questions about setting up and accessing your account using Account Manager.

Q: Does Account Manager support international characters?

A: Yes. Account Manager supports international characters. Password and email values, however, can only be standard ASCII characters. All other non-digit input fields accept international characters beyond the standard ASCII character set.

Q: I did not get a Commerce Cloud email (or I accidentally deleted it), so how can I access my Commerce Cloud Account?

A: Contact your account administrator and request another copy of your Commerce Cloud invitation email. If you’re an account administrator having issues accessing your account, open a Support case in the Salesforce Help portal.

Q: Who manages my account data?

A: Everyone with an account can maintain their own personal account information. Each Salesforce B2C Commerce client or partner organization is assigned an account administrator. The account administrator is responsible for managing accounts for all members of their organization. To change your roles, permissions, or membership, contact your account administrator. The account administrator can also add new user accounts to their organizations.

Q: I tried to log in multiple times and when I tried to use the "Forgot Password" operation, I could not reset my password.

A: If you try too many times to log in, your account gets locked temporarily for 30 minutes. For security reasons, the "Forgot Password" operation is disabled for locked accounts.

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