Tagging Pages for Data Collection

The active merchandising tags are not used for web analytics reporting. They collect data that is used by your storefront for product placement and sorting search results.

Instrumenting Pages

You must instrument the ISML templates to enable analytics data collection. To instrument the pages, you add tags in specific places within your ISML templates to collect the data. Not all sites require all the data that can be collected, so omit any steps that are unnecessary for your site. Choose the pages to instrument carefully, because over-instrumenting pages can cause performance problems


For examples of already instrumented pages, in the latest version of Studio, select File > New > SiteGenesis Storefront Cartridges. This cartridge download includes SiteGenesis, which contains examples of already tagged pages.

To instrument your ISML templates:

  1. Add the <isactivedatahead> Tag to templates containing HTML <head> tags.
  2. Add the <isactivedatacontext> Tag to templates where category context is indicated.
  3. Add <isobject> Tags to templates to capture activity related to viewing the following:
    • Product details
    • Product sets
    • Search results
    • Recommendations
  4. Add calls to Salesforce B2C Commerce Client-Side JavaScript functions where product representations are made visible only as a result of storefront customer interaction after the page is rendered.
  5. Validate your active data tags.
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