Using Referrer Attributes

When configuring dynamic customer group attributes, you can specify referrer parameters.


Attribute Processing
Referrer URL (session.referrerURL)

Salesforce B2C Commerce checks the referrer URL while processing the incoming HTTP request. This is done for requests to storefront sites only. Only referrers pointing to external URLs are checked. URLs pointing to the current store are omitted.

Re-evaluation is triggered whenever the referrer changes. If no referrer is submitted in the request or if the referrer is empty or invalid, re-evaluation isn't triggered.

Note: The referrer can also change during a customer session, so B2C Commerce checks the referrer on each new request. This occurs if the customer has an active session on the server, leaves the server, for example for a Google search, and then returns to the server.
Referrer Host (session.referrerHost)

Uses the same handling as for the Referrer URL.

Referrer Keywords (session.referrer.Keywords)

Uses the same handling as for the Referrer URL, plus the following:

If the referrer is set and points to a popular search engine, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, a rule condition evaluates on the query/keywords string that was submitted by the search engine. For example, for, this type of condition would evaluate on the URL parameter q=Demandware that was submitted along with the referrer.

The B2C Commerce instance maintains a list of popular search engines and their query/keywords string.

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