Configuring Storefront Preferences

Any new site includes several optional features configured as custom preferences, such as slide show effects, responsive design, and multi-destination shipping.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Site Preferences > Custom Preferences > Storefront Configs.
  2. On the Custom Site Preferences page, select the instance type (if you are changing the type).
    The instance type is applied immediately. This affects other Business Manager modules with settings that are specific to a selected instance type.
    • Sandbox / Development
    • Staging
    • Production
  3. Enter the tag that will be used by the storefront application as a Google verification tag.
    This is the Google tag used to verify the site.
  4. Enter the email addresses to be sent the build notifications, separated by a semi-colon.
    This enables you to send email notification to one or more email addresses when a new build is available.
  5. Select TLS if you want a TLS check to occur based on whether or not a cookie ('dw_TLSWarning') has been set on the browser.
  6. Select the default country code for store searches.
  7. Enter a customer service email address for automated replies.
  8. Specify if you want to disable responsive web design, which is enabled by default.
  9. Specify if you want to enable automatic scrolling to the next and previous page (infinite scrolling), instead of navigation controls such as first, next, previous, last, and page numbers.
  10. Specify if you want to enable your storefront application to ship to multiple locations.
  11. Specify if you want to enable in-store pickup. If you enable this feature, you can also specify the following:
    • Default country code
    • Store lookup unit: kilometers or miles (default)
    • Store lookup maximum distance: NONE, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200

    If you also enable multi-ship, the storefront behavior will change.

    See Understanding in-Store Pickup.

  12. Enter the default list price book ID to be used by the storefront.
  13. Enter the rate limiter threshold value (integer greater than zero).
    This number represents the number of times failures for Logins, GiftCert Balances, and Order Tracking requests are allowed before showing a CAPTCHA-style popup rate limiter.
  14. Select the slide show effect you want to use for your carousel.

    See for a complete list of visual effects.

  15. Specify the store lookup maximum distance: None or 50 to 200.
  16. Specify the store lookup unit of measure: None, kilometers (km), or miles (mi).
  17. Click Apply to save your changes.
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