Create a Zone

The CDN configuration is organized around zones. A zone represents a root or apex domain (for example, A hostname is a subdomain of a specific zone (for example,

Salesforce B2C Commerce examines the hostname alias files for all your Development and Production instances across all your realms. B2C Commerce then aggregates this information and derives the names of zones by inspecting the hostname entries in your alias files.

For example, if the hostname alias file for your Production instance contains an entry for, B2C Commerce creates the zone


After you create a zone, you can’t delete it in the user interface. To remove a zone, contact Commerce Cloud Support.

Register a domain name with your DNS provider before you create a zone. For example, the domain is registered before the zone is created.

If you have an existing Cloudflare account, B2C Commerce can take ownership of your storefront hostname in the Commerce Cloud Cloudflare account. We can also maintain all other hostnames in your Cloudflare account. Contact Salesforce Customer Support to enable proxy zones. Then, create proxy zones for your hostnames in the B2C Commerce Cloudflare account. It can take up to 24 hours for B2C Commerce to create and verify a proxy zone.

  1. Select Administration > Sites > Embedded CDN Settings.
  2. Click Add Hostnames.
  3. For each hostname in the list that you want to add, click Create Zone.
  4. Click Verification needed and copy the text that appears into your own DNS portal.
    This verification can take up to six hours.
    If you’re creating a proxy zone, skip this step.
  5. Click Add Hostname, and then click Add Hostname next to each hostname that you want to add.
    If you’re creating a proxy zone, instead, click Secure Storefront and click OK. The status updates to Secure Storefront when the process is complete. This process can take up to 24 hours.
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