Einstein Dashboard

You can use the Einstein Dashboard to review the performance of Einstein recommendations. The data can help you develop recommendation strategies that increase conversion and revenue.

The dashboard has metrics for average order value, adds to cart, and cart conversion, and shows Einstein recommendations over time.

By default, the dashboard displays a summary view across all sites, with the ability to review details by site. It also includes the ability to filter by site and date range.

Note: Data for the Einstein Dashboard has a 48-hour latency period, while the other dashboard reports have a 24-hour-latency period. Einstein performance data typically runs 2 days behind to allow for extra processing time due to the data volume.
Table 1. Dashboard Definitions
Term Definition
Recommendation Name Known as recommendation zone or Recommender in Einstein Data. A Recommender is always associated with one or more content slots.
Views The number of times content slots associated with a recommender are shown to a site visitor in a given time period. It doesn't matter if the slot is rendered "below the fold". The content slot counts as a view if it is served on the page that the page the sit visitor views.
Clicks Number of times the user clicks any product displayed in the content slot associated with a Recommender.
CTR Click-Through-Rate measured as Clicks/Views
Adds To Cart The number of distinct products added to a cart where that product was the first one to be clicked within a Recommender. The add to cart must occur in the same session or up to 7 consecutive days following the click event. Only products that were clicked, and added to the cart within consecutive 7 days are attributed to that Recommender.
ATC Rate Add-to-Cart Rate measured as Add-to-Cart/Clicks.
Conversions or products purchased The number of distinct products purchased, not orders placed, when the product is the first one clicked from within a Recommender. The purchase must occur in the same session or up to 7 consecutive days following the Click event.
Conversion Rate Calculated as Conversions/Add-to-Cart.
Attributed Revenue The merchandise value of a converted product. The converted product purchase must occur within 7 days from the first click of an associated Recommender.

Attributed Revenue

The Attributed Revenue report tracks, at the currency level, the daily monetary impact of products added directly to the cart and purchased from a recommendation slot on the page. A positive trend indicates that your recommendations influence revenue. A negative trend can indicate a need to modify your recommendation strategy.

To track revenue, the metric follows four Einstein attributable shopper events: recommender view, recommender product click, add to cart, and checkout. Revenue is only attributed to Einstein when the item is added to the cart within 7 days of the last Einstein recommender click, and checkout occurs within 7 days from the add to cart action. For Example. If a shopper click a recommender for the XYZ t-shirt on day 1 then clicks on the same recommender for the XYZ t-shirt on day 4, adds the t-shirt to their cart on day 7, and then checkouts the product on day 10, the revenue for the XYZ t-shirt is attributed to Einstein on day 4, the last time the shopper clicked the recommender for the XYZ t-shirt.

Click Through Rate

The Click Through Rate report plots, the percentage of Einstein recommendations that result in click throughs. The click through rate gives you insight into how customers receive recommendations. For example, a positive trend suggests your recommendations generate product interest.

Adds To Cart

The Adds To Cart report plots the number of items added to customer carts as a result of click-throughs on Einstein recommendations. You can use the add-to-cart data to evaluate the general success of recommendations over time. For example, a successful recommendation strategy shows a positive trend in add to cart rates.

Cart Conversion Rate

The Cart Conversion Rate report shows the percentage of recommendation clicks that result in purchased orders. A high conversion rate suggests a positive customer response to your recommendation strategy.

Performance by Recommendation

You can use the Performance by Recommendation report to evaluate the performance of individual Einstein recommendation. For each recommendation the report lists the following items for the specified time period:

You can use the report to evaluate how customers respond to a specific recommendation. For example, a recommendation with a high number of clicks but a low conversion rate can indicate a need to modify the recommendation target.

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