Set Up User Access

A user with Account Manager administrator credentials grants user access the Reports & Dashboards portal.

The administrator sets up user access by adding a Reports and Dashboard role in Account Manager.
  1. Log into Account manager as an Administrator.
  2. Add the role to an existing user.
    1. Use the organization, role, and status filters to list the user.
    2. Click the User's ID, and continue to Step 5.
  3. Add the role to a new user.
    1. From Account Manager > User, Click Add User.
    2. Complete the user account information and organization assignments, and continue to Step 5.
  4. Scroll to the Roles Section and click Add.
  5. Scroll to the Reports & Dashboards section, and select the appropriate role. Assign only one role per user The role assignment options include:
    • The Customer manager role: Allows access to all reports and account settings.
    • The Performance User role: Allows access to all reports.
    • The User role: Allows access to all reports except the Real-Time performance reports.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Scroll back to the Roles > Reports & Dashboards section, and click the Filter to the left of the “no role scope defined” message.
  8. In the add instance filter, select the organization name and the production instance for the realms you want to give the user access to.
  9. o add the organization and instances, click Add.
  10. To add the updated role, click Save.
  11. The user now has access to the Reports & Dashboards using their Account Manager credentials.
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