Technical OCAPI Dashboard

The Technical OCAPI Dashboard provides insight into your site’s OCAPI requests. The report metrics are updated daily. All times are in GMT.

Average Response Time

The Average Response Time report shows the trend of average response time per request. Response time is shown in milliseconds. The graphs plots response time points for each day during the selected period. To see response times, hover over the plot line. You can track controller response time to troubleshoot and identify your resource optimization.

Request Report

The number of requests for filtered OCAPI resources per day.

Non200-Level Responses

The Non200-Level Responses report plots trended frequency as a percent of total requests that resulted in a non200-level response code during the dashboard time period. To see the number and type of non200-level response for a day, hover over a plot point on the graph.

Response Time Distribution

This report shows the number of requests by response time in 500-millisecond segments. For example, during the dashboard period, a site received 10 million requests. And, 7 million requests had a response time of 0-400 milliseconds. Also, 3 million requests had a response time of 500-999 milliseconds. The bar graph shows the number of requests in each response segment, and the percentage of total responses represented. You can review the performance of your system and controllers. A peak in response time coupled with a high number of controller requests can indicate a controller issue.

OCAPI Requests

This report lists the OCAPI API request during the dashboard time period. You can use the report to track OCAPI API use and response times.

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