Enable Apple Pay in Your Storefront

The merchant can use a PSP that has enabled Apple Pay for use on B2C Commerce sites using the Standard Payment API from B2C Commerce. Alternatively, the merchant can use a LINK cartridge to enable Apple Pay for storefronts.

The standardized B2C Commerce and PSP Apple Pay integration model creates a seamless enablement process for B2C Commerce merchants to enable Apple Pay. This approach requires minimal client code customizations or LINK cartridge updates. In Business Manager, the merchant identifies the PSP to use, and the API version, API URL, API username and password, and PSP merchant account ID.

If the site is using a LINK cartridge, to enable customers to pay using Apple, the merchant updates the LINK cartridge for payment.

No matter which method the merchant uses to implement Apple Pay for the Web, the merchant must:

Register for an Apple Merchant ID

  1. Log in to developer.apple.com.
  2. Create an Apple Merchant ID.
Note: When you set up and configure services for your merchant ID, you don't specify the Merchant Domains or Apple Pay Merchant Identity (in the lower portion of the iOS Merchant ID Setting page). However, to register the correct domain name of your site with Apple, ensure that your site's alias file contains the alias mapping for you https URL in the settings section. For details about Apple Merchant IDs, browse to https://developer.apple.com/support/apple-pay-domain-verification/.

Generate an Apple Payment Processing Certificate

  1. Obtain a CSR (certificate signing request) file from your PSP.
  2. Use this CSR to generate a certificate through Apple.

    For details, browse to https://developer.apple.com/support/apple-pay-domain-verification/.

  3. Upload the certificate back to your PSP.

Configure Apple Pay on the Web in Business Manager

To enable Apple Pay for use on B2C Commerce sites using the Standard Payment API from B2C Commerce, the merchant must configure Apple Pay in Business Manager.

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