Copying Categories

The copy category function helps you manage product category assignments within and across catalogs.

When you copy and assign categories, you can include subcategories and products, and pick category search refinements. You can also assign the copied category to multiple catalogs, and multiple categories within those catalogs.

For example, you assigned ski gloves to the Winter Gloves category in your storefront catalog. You can copy the winter gloves category and add it to a Seasonal Sale category in the same storefront catalog. When you copy the category, you have the option to copy the complete set of products.

You can also copy a category without copying the assigned products. For example, you want to create a flash sale category for climbing gear and you have a Climbing Gear category already defined with product assignments. You can copy the Climbing Gear category without its products, and preserve the category attributes, product attribute definitions, search refinement definitions sorting rule, and page meta tag rules of your original Climbing Gear category in the flash sale category.

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