Rule-Based Categorization

Rule-based categorization rules automatically assign all products that fit a criteria to a category. Create rule sets to establish this criteria. Products that fit the criteria are automatically assigned to the category.

Rule Sets

A rule set is a unit of multiple categorization rules. You use a rule set to assign products that follow the rule set logic to a category. You can run rule sets to narrow or broaden the range of products assigned to a category.

You configure rule set logic with the AND and OR operators. All conditions within a given rule-set use AND by default. And all rule sets for a given category use OR by default. A rule set can have a maximum of five conditions, which are use AND. A category can have a maximum of five rule sets that all use OR.

For example, you want to add all Brand-XYZ products with the word Retro in their product name to a Clearance category. And you want to add all Brand-XYZ products available online until 1/1/2019 to the same Clearance category. You need two rule sets to create this category.

Table 1. Rule Set 1
Attribute Operator Value
Brand Equals XYZ
Product Name Contains Retro


Table 2. Rule Set 2
Attribute Operator Value
Online from Less than 1/1/2019

After you create and verify a rule set, you can run the rule set manually or have it run as a bulk job. For information on how to create a bulk job, see Creating Jobs. If you intend to run the rule set as a bulk job, select Enabled in the Categorization Rules, Settings section.

New products that fit the criteria aren’t automatically assigned. You must run the job again to update the category. Rule-based categorization doesn't work on production instances and has a processing limit of 100,000 products per category.

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