Use Reset to Initial an Instance in Control Center

If you have sufficient permissions, you can use reset to initialize an instance, resetting the instance to a clean state. Initialization deletes all data from the database. You can initialize SIG (sandbox) instances, but you can't initialize PIG instances (production, staging, and development instances). This limitation prevents the accidental deletion of mission-critical data.

To initialize an instance, perform the following steps:

  1. Log into Control Center.
  2. Click Instances.
  3. Search for―or navigate to―the sandbox instance you want to initialize
  4. Click reset.

    When you click reset, a confirmation message appears asking if you want to continue.

  5. Click Yes.

Control Center initializes the instance and sends an email with the new password to the email address of the Control Center account that ran reset. The user must start the instance in Control Center, wait until the system is up, and then log into the instance with the new password. The user is prompted to change passwords when they log in with the new temporary password.

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