APIs for Coupons

Using the Salesforce B2C Commerce API, you can add multiple coupon codes for the same coupon to a basket.

The behavior controlled by this setting is enforced regardless of how the coupon is added to basket: B2C Commerce Script API, SHOP API, AddCouponToBasket or AddCouponToBasket2 pipelets.

Each unique code added to a basket results in a unique CouponLineItem being added. Conversely, every CouponLineItem represents a single coupon code.

When an order is created (that is, the basket is turned into an order), all coupon codes associated with the order are marked as redeemed.

The logic for retrieving active customer promotions is the same as for other promotions. For example, PromotionMgr.getActiveCustomerPromotions() returns the same information whether a promotion is triggered in the cart by one coupon code or multiple.

When using this coupon type with a Choice of Bonus Product discount, the BonusDiscountLineItem created by B2C Commerce is associated with the triggering coupon code. The triggering coupon code is determined by the position of the coupon code and the bonus discount line item within the basket. You can access this association via the B2C Commerce Script API, so that the storefront application can show that the bonus products relate to a specific coupon code. If a coupon code is removed from the cart, only the related bonus products are also removed from the cart.

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