Sample Coupon XML File

You can create coupons through Business Manager or by importing coupon definitions in XML format. The following XML example shows the main elements of the coupon import format.


This coupon definition shows that its allows up to 500 redemptions, 1 per customer, and up to 5 per week per customer.

	<coupon coupon-id="myCoupon">
		<description>The coupon description</description>
			<limit-per-timeframe time-frame="week">5</limit-per-timeframe>

By default, all coupons are case sensitive. If the coupon code is case-insensitive, it would be defined here. This works only for coupons without existing codes.


If the coupon had a single code, it would be defined here.


If the coupon had system generated codes, in this example, the prefix would be "ABC", with up to 1000 issued.


If the coupon had multiple codes, they would be listed here. For coupons with large numbers of codes, use system generated coupons. See Managing System Generated Codes.

		 <coupon-codes coupon-id="myCoupon">
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