Customer Service Center UI Customization

There are customizable areas in the Customer Service Center UI that you can modify directly in Business Manager.

Note: Customizable areas are not localized into languages supported by Business Manager. Customizable areas can be modified and localized as needed.

The customizable areas are comprised of forms or views. All labels are obtained from Salesforce B2C Commerce metadata and can be overwritten.

Each customizable area has a default configuration. You can modify the configuration. To reset a configuration to the default, you delete the modified configuration. However, before resetting the configuration to the default, if you want to save the modified configuration, copy, paste, and save it outside of Business Manager.

You can replicate Customer Service Center UI customizations to a target system by checking CSC Settings as one of the Replication Tasks.

An advanced customization lets you reference data from predefined sources.

All attributes follow the naming conventions of Commerce Cloud OCAPI:

Each configuration contains at least two top-level elements and the version:

For example:

  "_v" : "4",
  "areas" : {},
  "layout" : [],
  "widgets" : {}

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