Customer Object Import/Export

You can use the elements in the customer.xsd and considerations when creating values for them.

Business Manager Import Location

site > Merchant Tools > Customers > Import & Export > Customer




Granularity: passed customers.

Element: Customer Address

Customer import never sets an address as the customer's default address if it's explicitly marked as preferred='false'. This makes it possible to import customers with no default address by setting preferred to false for all addresses.

Element: Customer Number

When importing customers, the customer number is optional.

If the customer number is provided in the import file, the import creates a customer using the customer number and identifies that customer by the number when updating the record.

If no customer number is provided, the customer is identified by their login.
Note: Customer login must be unique and case sensitive if password encryption is not in "scrypt" format.

If the customer isn't found, a customer record is created using a system generated customer number.

Data Group: Customer Lists

Site Import/Export supports the data group customer lists. Site assignments to a customer list are imported as a site preference, similar to catalog, inventory list and price book assignments. The same customers are exported for all sites assigned to the same customer list.

Element: Gender

If the gender element isn't present in the import file, gender isn't updated in the database. If gender is empty, gender is set to null in the database. If the gender element is has the value of male or female in the import file, male is stored as one in the database and female is stored as two. If the gender attribute has a numeric value the value is stored in the database as is.

Element: Country-Code

The country-code child element of the address complex type allows the import or export of country codes with one or two characters. Previous to version 12.2, Salesforce B2C Commerce only imported or exported two character country codes.
Note: Country codes are not exported if they contain only whitespace. However, even though the country codes are not included in the exported XML file, the address is still exported.

Customer addresses that include an address ID with leading or trailing whitespace are properly exported. Previous to version 12.2, it was not possible to export a customer address that included leading or trailing whitespace.

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