Shipping Method Object Import/Export

Use the shipping.xsd schema file to import shipping methods.

Business Manager Import Location

Granularity: selected shipping methods.

Ordering > Import & Export




Granularity: passed shipping methods.

Schema Elements

Product Shipping Line Items

The order.xsd export format supports the product shipping line items via these types:

<xsd:complexType name="complexType.ProductLineItem">
<xsd:complexType name="complexType.ProductShippingLineItem">
<xsd:simpleType name="simpleType.ProductShippingCostType">

The shipping.xsd schema file (shipping methods section) also represents the item-level shipping costs and exclusions.

Trimmed Whitespace

When editing the product rules of promotions and shipping methods, it's possible to enter IDs for Products, Price Books, Brands or Catalog Categories with leading and trailing white spaces. The IDs are trimmed when saving a product rule in Business Manager. The promotion and shipping method export also trims the IDs contained in the product rules of existing promotions or shipping methods

Call Center API - Order Export

For applications that use the Call Center APIs, order export reports the following status codes:

The exportAfter time can only be set in the status EXPORT_STATUS_NOTEXPORTED or EXPORT_STATUS_READY, but is only evaluated in the state EXPORT_STATUS_READY, because it's used to delay the actual export of an order, which otherwise would be ready for export.

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