Troubleshooting the Omnichannel Inventory Integration

If you experience any of these problems with your Omnichannel Inventory integration, try these steps.

Warnings appear at the top of the Omnichannel Inventory Status page:

These warnings indicate a configuration issue. Contact Salesforce Support.

Commerce API Issues

Verify that you acquired an appropriate Account Manager token for calling the Commerce API. For example:

curl -k --data 'grant_type=client_credentials&scope=SALESFORCE_COMMERCE_API:clientId' --user 'username:password' -X POST 'https://{AccountManagerURL}/dwsso/oauth2/access_token'

Check that your URIs correctly use your B2C Commerce realm’s short code in the hostname and your tenant group ID as the organization ID. For example:


Salesforce Sandbox Org Issues

In OCI Cache Enabled mode, no Cache Status information appears for any inventory lists:

Select a single inventory list and try to determine why it isn’t synchronized.

In OCI Cache Enabled mode, Cache Status information appears for some, but not all, inventory lists:

Identify whether any of the unsynchronized inventory lists are part of the combined stream. If so, check whether they were added after that stream’s most recent full import.

Select a single inventory list and try to determine why it isn’t synchronized.

Future inventory data for an individual product record seems incorrect:

Remember the calculation of visible future values for a product inventory record in B2C Commerce. The displayed future quantity is the sum of all future quantities for that product, but the future date is the date of its earliest future quantity.

Reservations exist for products that aren’t in Omnichannel Inventory:

Check the inventory lists for the associated order product lines. If the Default in Stock setting is on, then this behavior is expected.

Availability data import doesn’t work:

Check the format of your import data file.

Availability data values seem incorrect:

Use the following questions as a guide. If you contact Salesforce Support, provide the relevant answers.

To pause or turn off the Integration:

If you experience serious issues with the integration, or want to disconnect your B2C Commerce instance from Omnichannel Inventory, log a case with Salesforce Customer Support. Before doing so, consider these recommendations:

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