Export Localizable Elements for Bulk Localization

To speed up the localization process, export the localizable elements of one or more pages. Configure localization export and import using two API jobs.

  1. Create a custom job step to determine which pages you’re localizing. Write the IDs of each page into a text file, using one line per page ID.
  2. Create a custom export with your custom job and the ExportPageLocalization export step. Configure the export set with the file name of the file created by the custom job step. If you set a locale, the export uses date from that locale. If no locale is set, your default locale is used.

    ExportMode: a configuration option, one of FULL | DELTA

    FileFormat: a configuration option, one of PROPERTY | CSV | JSON (currently only PROPERTY is supported)

    PageIDs: a runtime value. An iterator of Strings

    FileName: runtime value, a String

  3. Localize the content using your organization’s localization process.
  4. Import the content back to your instance using an import job.

    FileName: runtime value, a String

    FileFormat: a configuration option, one of PROPERTIES | CSV | JSON

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