Manage Component Visibility on Product List and Product Detail Template Pages

On a Product List or Product Detail template page that uses category as its dynamic attribute, you can configure which components appear on a page based on the category being rendered. For example, you can specify that a certain component is displayed when the category is women’s clothes and a different component is displayed when the category is electronics.

A component is displayed on a page only if the category you target for that component is rendered AND all other targeting criteria for the component are met. For example, you target a component for men’s shoes. You select the customer group Big Spenders and a schedule that includes just the month of December. The component is displayed on the page only when the category rendered is men’s shoes, the customer group is Big Spenders, and the date is in December.
  1. From the visual editor, open the page.
  2. Click a component.
  3. In the right pane, click the arrow next to the component name, and select Targeting.
  4. Under Categories, click Assign.
  5. Select the categories for which you want the component to be visible.
    Make sure that the categories you select are assigned to the page. The Add feature allows you to select any category, even categories that aren’t assigned.
    The component is targeted only for categories that you explicitly select. Subcategories are NOT implicitly selected.
    If you select multiple categories, the component is visible whenever any of the categories is rendered.
  6. Click Apply to close the Select Categories window.
  7. Click Apply to close the Targeting window.
  8. Click Save or Save & Close.
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