Reset a Business Manager Password

If you forget your login credentials for Business Manager, you can retrieve them if your account has a valid email address and a configured security question. If you don't have a security question or don't remember the answer to the question, an administrator can reset your password.

If you're using Unified Authentication, reset your password using Account Manager.

The password reset token expiration period for Business Manager users is 120 minutes.

Note: The password reset token expiration period for storefront users is 30 minutes.

A user can only change their password if:

A user can only change their security question and answer if the old password is also entered. If the new password and password confirmation are left blank, the password isn't changed.

An administrator can only generate a password and send it to a user. They can't view the security credentials.

If a user has a valid email address, Business Manager automatically sends an email 7 days and then 1 day before a password expires.

If an account is locked due to too many failed login attempts, a user is sent an automated email that is valid for 2 hours. The user can unlock their account so they can continue to work. The current password is preserved. If they don't unlock their account using this email after two hours, they must contact your Administrator, depending on security settings.

  1. For a non-administrative user who has forgotten login information:
    1. Click Forgot your password?.
    2. Answer the security question.
      If you entered your correct login ID, B2C Commerce automatically selects the security question you set when you first logged in. If B2C Commerce can’t identify you, it selects a random security question.
      A notification appears, instructing you how to reset your password. This notification always appears, even if you entered an invalid username or provide an incorrect answer to your security question. However, an email is only sent if you correctly answer the question.
    3. Click the link.
    4. Enter your new password twice.
    5. Login using your new password.
  2. For a non-administrative user who remembers their login information, see Changing User Information.
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