Perform a Simple Product Search

Quickly locate products in your catalogs.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Products and Catalogs > Products.
  2. On the Simple Product Search page, manage your products in these ways:
    • Click the Product ID or Name link to directly access the product detail page for that product.
    • To select all the products on the current page, click the Select All column link. To deselect all products, click Clear All.
    • To initiate an editing wizard, click Edit All (edit all products in the result set) and Edit Selected (edit those products with check marks).
    • To create a product, click New.
    • Click Copy to make a copy of the product. The copy is automatically given an ID of <product ID-x> beginning with X as one. When you return to the product search, the new copy is below the original product.
    • To delete the products or Cancel, click Delete to delete the selected products. You are prompted to confirm your actions. Click OK. You are returned to the product search box.
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