Specify Who Qualifies for an Experience

You can specify who qualifies for an experience and how the promotion is redeemed using qualifiers. A qualifier can be a customer group, a coupon, or a source code. You can add a qualifier to a promotion in two ways: assign the qualifier to a campaign, which affects all included promotions, or assign the qualifier to a specific promotion.

You can assign a promotion experience a customer group, coupon, or source code. You can assign a slot configuration a customer group.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Campaigns.
  2. Select your campaign.
  3. To add a qualifier to the entire campaign, click Edit for Customer Groups, Source Codes, or Coupons.
    If customer must be a member of all the selected customer groups to qualify for the campaign select Qualifying Customer Must Belong to All Selected Customer Groups. Otherwise, a customer can be in any of the selected customer groups to qualify.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. To add a qualifier to only one experience, click the empty space beneath the header of the qualifier. Select the qualifier that you want to assign.
  6. For promotions, choose whether all qualifiers are required or only one.
  7. Click Apply.
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