Adding Excluded Products

You can specify products to be excluded from order promotions. Use this option, for example, to exclude products (SKUs) that represent gift certificates or products that don't qualify for any promotion because they are already discounted in price books.

This option is available for order promotions of type: With amount of qualifying products.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Promotions > promotion.
  2. On the Promotions page, enter or select the general promotion information.
  3. Select Order for the Promotion Class and select a promotion type.
  4. Click Edit to specify excluded products.
  5. On the Product Include/Exclude window, specify the qualifier, operator, value, and catalog of products to be included in the list of excluded products.

    If the Qualifier is ID, you can search and select multiple products in one step with the Business Manager product selection pop up page. You can also use a name in the search along with the ID (for example, "S1653098, Nokia*").

  6. Click Add to add additional types of products to the list.

"10% discount on orders of $100 or more (DOES NOT INCLUDE GIFT CERTS)".

The assumption is that gift certificates are created as SKUs in the catalog. The storefront user interface should show "10% item-level discount", so its important that it be set up as an order-level promotion and not a product-level promotion.

The merchants creates this promotion:

Setting Value
Promotion class Order
Promotion type With amount of qualifying products
Discount Buy $100 or more and get 10% off
Non-qualifying products Gift certificates
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