Create a Product Promotion Rule

Product promotion rules apply to standard products, variation products, product bundles, and product options.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Promotions.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter or select the general promotion information and click Apply.
  4. Under the Promotion Rule section, select Product as the Promotion class.
  5. Select a promotion type.
  6. Specify the discount. Keep in mind:
    • Don't add currency symbols when referring to fixes price or amount off.
    • For a choice-of-bonus-products promotion, create a selection of up to 20 bonus products for shoppers to chose from and set a price if applicable. Don't select base products, because they aren't orderable.
      Note: A choice-of-bonus-products promotion requires you to change your storefront application.
    • By default, a price-from-price-book promotion can increase the cost of a product. To prevent this, edit your promotion preferences.
    • For promotions with a shipping type discount, enter a shipping method after defining discounted or qualifying products.
  7. You can tier discounts for promotions that don't require a combination or lack of specific products.
  8. For promotions that require qualifying and discounted products:
    1. To add discounted and qualifying products, click Edit.
      For a Buy X and Y promotion, click Add first.
    2. Define your discounted or qualifying products and click Save.
      To add another qualifying product linked with AND logic, click Add. To add a qualifying product linked by OR logic, click Add Include or Add Exclude.
    3. To make the list of discounted products the same as the list of qualifying products, select Same as qualifying products.
      This option doesn't exist for promotions that combine qualifying products.
    4. To prevent a product that has already qualified for a higher ranking, class-exclusive promotion from qualifying for this promotion, select Prevent Products from Requalifying.
  9. To make the promotion only apply to identical products, select Restrictions.
    This option doesn't exist for promotions that require a combination or lack of specific products.
  10. Specify the maximum number of times a shopper can apply this promotion to one cart.
    Don't specify a maximum application if there is no limit.
  11. For amount or percent off discounts, you can choose to prorate the discount across all eligible items
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