In Salesforce B2C Commerce, there are three ways a customer can qualify for a promotion.

Qualifier Usage
Customer Groups Members of assigned customer groups are eligible for any promotion contained within a specific campaign, unless you unassign customer groups as a qualifier when configuring a promotion.
Source Codes

Use source codes to control which promotions are available to a consumer at a given time. When a consumer provides a source code, either via a redirect link found on an affiliate website or manually using a value found on a print catalog, B2C Commerce triggers the special pricing and promotion that is associated with the provided source code.

Because only one source code can be active at a time in a session, when you use source codes as part of your promotion strategy, you can control the number and grouping of promotions a consumer can access at a time.


Use single or multi-use coupons to activate specific promotions for consumers who receive the coupons, often as part of an email marketing campaign.

  • Single-use coupons can only be redeemed once, preventing consumers from passing the coupon around or posting it on the Internet; thus giving you greater control over who can redeem the coupon.
  • You can limit multi-use coupons to a total number of redemptions, so that you don't exceed your marketing budget for a specific campaign. A typical example is to run an offer while supplies last.

Within a campaign, you configure a schedule and qualifiers. All experiences inherit the configured qualifiers by default. This inheritance can be deactivated, but it can't be overridden. You can also expand the experience criteria by assigning qualifiers that are not available within the containing campaign. For example, if a campaign has source code groups A and B as qualifiers, each of its assigned promotions inherit the A and B source code groups as qualifiers. You can choose to use those source codes or not. If you use those source codes, you can select other source codes as well. If you don't use those source codes, you can't use source codes as qualifiers.

Use coupons as promotion qualifiers? is selected by default for a promotion experience. This setting indicates that coupons are inherited by the promotion from the parent campaign.

Qualifiers are implied OR statements. The customer must meet just one of the qualifiers to be eligible for the discount. For example, if you configure a source code and a customer group as qualifiers, the customer must have only the source code OR be part of the customer group to be eligible for the discount.

Coupon Codes vs. Source Codes

Coupons and source codes are similar, but satisfy different business requirements. While coupons support direct marketing efforts, source codes support affiliate marketing programs, and in some cases, print catalog programs. This tables provides a comparison:

Feature Coupon Code Source Code
Customer action Customer enters the code into the cart.

Passed via URL at start of session. Supports links from search engines, affiliated web sites and emails.

Customer enters code into a page (requires customization). Supports order from print catalogs with source codes.

Can be invisible to customer No Yes
Triggers one or more promotions Yes Yes
Customer can use multiple codes in a single transaction Yes No
Discount product, order or shipping charges. Offer a bonus product. Yes Yes
Activate a price book No Yes
Redirect to a category, product, page or URL No Yes
Processing behavior when the code is inactive Yes Yes
Customer redemption limits Yes No
Quantity redemption limits Yes No
Frequency redemption limits Yes No
Session redemption limits No session limit 1 per session
Analytics Promotions triggered by a coupon. Use when the promotion is uniquely triggered by a single coupon and no other devices.

Sources and Conversions

Promotions triggered by a source code. Use when the promotion is uniquely triggered by a single source code and no other devices.

Import and Export of data XML, CSV XML


In this multiple-qualifier example, a merchant creates a campaign called Campaign_2016 and assigns to it the customer group Registered Customers, the Google source codes, and the specified coupons. The campaign contains multiple promotions:

Assuming that the campaign and promotions are all active, the promotions are applied as follows:

Customer with these qualifiers Will be eligible for these promotions Will not be eligible for these promotions
Registered customers

Free Ground Shipping for orders > $25

$10 off orders > $100

$5 off orders > $70
Registered customers providing coupon 2016_10OFFORDERS

Free Ground Shipping for orders > $25

$10 off orders > $100

$5 off orders > $70
Registered customers with Google Source Code

Free Ground Shipping for orders > $25

$10 off orders > $100

$5 off orders > $70

Unregistered customers without coupon or source code  

Free Ground Shipping for orders > $25

$10 off orders > $100

$5 off orders > $70

Unregistered customers providing coupon 2016_10OFFORDERS $10 off orders > $100

Free Ground Shipping for orders > $25

$5 off orders > $70

Unregistered customers providing Google Source Code $5 off orders > $70

Free Ground Shipping for orders > $25

$10 off orders > $100

Multiple Promotion Qualifiers

You can create promotions within a campaign that require multiple qualifying conditions to be met to apply for a customer. This logical AND condition enables you to create a promotion that requires that a customer qualify by being assigned to a particular customer group (for example, registered customers) and also by entering a specific coupon in the basket.

See Using Multiple Promotion Qualifiers.

Note: The B2C Commerce API supports this feature, as does the promotion.xsd. See the B2C Commerce API documentation.

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