Tagging Promotions

Tags let you classify promotions into logical groups. You can assign tags to multiple promotions, while each promotion can have multiple tags.

You can assign or unassign tags either individually or in bulk. When you delete tags that are no longer needed, all references to the tags are removed. Tags are searchable in the promotions list.

Note: Tags assignments are site specific, and are handled by the entity they are exported or imported from, for example, promotions.

See Creating a Promotion.

  1. Select site > Merchant Tools > Online Marketing > Promotions.
    Promotion tags appear in the Tags column.
  2. Select one or more promotions.
  3. Click the Set Tags button.
  4. On the window that opens, search for an existing tag, select a tag that appears, or enter a new tag name and click OK.
    You can create multiple tags at the same time by separating them with a comma.
    The assigned tags appear in the Tags column.
  5. To delete tags:
    1. Click Manage Tags.
    2. Search for the tags you want to delete.
    3. Click the trash can beside the tag.
      Removing a tag from a promotion doesn't delete the tag unless it isn't assigned to another promotion.

Selecting Multiple Promotions

If you select multiple promotions where each promotion has different existing tags, a tri-state checkbox appears.

Tags are assigned to promotions as follows:

Promotion Assigned tags
promo1 A and B
promo2 B and C
  1. Select both promotions, click Set Tags.

    You will see tags A and C with a dash in the checkbox, with B checked and D unchecked.

  2. Uncheck B, check C and D, and leave A dashed.
  3. Click Apply.

    The checked values are assigned, the unchecked values are removed, and the values with dashes will be ignored.

Tags are now assigned to promotions as follows:

Promotion Assigned tags
promo1 A, C and D
promo2 C and D
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