Tiered Discounts

You can tier discounts so that the discount amount increases as the shopper buys more products or spends more money. You can configure tiered discounts in a promotion with multiple threshold levels for conditional parameters, where the discount varies by threshold and can't be combined.

Use tiered promotions to prevent shoppers from stacking discounts. For example, you run the following promotion: spend $100 and save $10, spend $200 and save $25, or spend $300 and save $40.

If you configured three separate promotions with individual discount rules, a shopper spending $320 would qualify for all three promotions ($10+$25+$40=$75) and get $75 off. If you configured the promotion as a single order promotion with multiple discount rules, that same shopper would save $40.

You can create tiered discounts for all product, order and shipping promotion types, except Buy X/Get Y product promotions or unconditional product promotions (without qualifying products).

Discount types can vary across tiers. For example:
When you create tiered discount rules for conditional product promotions, the qualifying and discounted product rules must be the same across tiers. For example, the ABC brand rule and price rule must be the same:

You can't configure different classes of promotions as different tiers. For example, you can't run a promotion that offers free shipping on orders over $150 and 25% off orders over $300. You also can't create mixed qualifier types across tiers. For example, you can't run a promotion that offers half off shipping on orders with three products and free shipping on orders over $200.

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