With a Combination of Products Promotion

You can configure a Combination of Product discount for product, order, and shipping promotions.

Use this promotion type when:

  • Each product in the combination receives the same price or discount. For example, Buy X, Y, and Z and get each product for $1.99.

  • The combination of products receives a specific price or discount as a group. For example, Buy X, Y, and Z for a total of $19.99.

Note: If you set a maximum application, the application limit applies to the number of combinations that can receive the discount. It doesn't limit how many individual products receive the discount.


One Application for Order and Shipping Promotions

While you can specify a maximum application amount for this discount type, it applies only once in the basket for order and shipping promotions.

For example, you run the promotion Buy an item from Brand-A and an item from Brand-B and get 20% off on all non-clearance items. The discount applies to both of the qualifying items. However, if the shopper buys two Brand-A items and two Brand-B items, they still only get 20% off. Clearance products are excluded from the discount.

If your promotion grants a bonus product discount, Salesforce B2C Commerce still only grants one bonus product if the shopper buys two products from each category. For example, a shipping promotion grants 50% off overnight shipping and requires one product from Category A and one from Category B. The promotion doesn't grant free overnight shipping (2 times a 50% discount) for a shopper with two products from each category in their basket.


Combination product promotions don't support the following
  • Promotions based on product amounts. For example, buy $25 worth of X and $25 worth of Y and get 10% off.

  • Tiered discounts. For example, buy 1X and 1Y and get 15% off. Buy 2X and 2Y and get 20% off.

  • Non-BOGO product promotions with separate qualifying and discounted products. For example, Buy 1X and 1Y and get $100 off all Z.

  • Buy X or Y processing. For example, buy 1X or 2Y and get 50% off Z.

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