Adding Express Checkout Options

Use Commerce Payments to add express checkout options, such as Apple Pay, to your site without changing your existing checkout page. Express checkouts are processed through Stripe, as are all commerce payments.

If your site is built using SFRA, the installation is streamlined, but you can also add express checkout options to a SiteGenesis or custom site.

Before starting, activate express checkouts for your site. For Apple Pay, be sure to register your domains.

Instal A Checkout Method

Commerce Payments includes an SFRA plug-in cartridge for easy installation. If your site includes multiple plug-ins, plugin_cartridge_merge can help resolve conflicts that arise.
Note: The plugin_commercepayments cartridge is compatible with recent SFRA releases and B2C Digital compatibility modes. If your site doesn’t use the latest SFRA release or compatibility mode, we recommend upgrading. Upgrading provides easy access to continual improvements in both SFRA and Commerce Payments.

Follow the directions in the GitHub repo to build and upload plugin_commercepayments. Include it in your site cartridge path as described. If you have additional plug-ins or other cartridges, consult documentation for those cartridges to determine a working cartridge path order for your site. For SFRA sites, plugin_commercepayments must be before app_storefront_base in the path. If plugin_cartridge_merge is present, it must be before both plugin_commercepayments and app_storefront_base.

After the cartridge is uploaded and in the path, its functionality is available for use on your site. If your site has a compatible SFRA version, you can see buttons like Apple Pay after activating the express checkout options in Business Manager. If you’re using an earlier SFRA version or have customizations that override certain parts of SFRA, you must perform additional customization to include express checkout on your site. You also need to add customization if your site isn’t built using SFRA.

Note: All Commerce Payments express checkout options require a supported device, operating system, browser, or active card in a digital wallet. If you don’t see express checkout on your site after installation, you might not meet the necessary requirements. Configuring Chrome with a saved Stripe test card is the most reliable way to verify express checkout availability. See the Compatibility and Setup section for more information.
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