Validate Payments in Test and Live Modes

You can toggle between Stripe test and live payment modes for your instance type, such as Development, Stage, or Production. For example, if you select test mode for Staging on a Staging instance, test mode payments are used on that instance.

You can enable charges to test payments even if you haven’t completed onboarding your merchant account. You can use a Salesforce Payments merchant account associated with the instance to create payments in test mode.

To set up test payments in test or live mode for your instance, from the Salesforce Payments page, select Test Mode for this instance.
For details on testing your integration before going live, see Stripe Testing.

To make a Stripe payment in Stripe test mode:

  • From the storefront, place an order.
  • Select Checkout or Pay now.
  • Select Buy Now (Google Pay for Chrome or Android and Apple Pay for Safari or IOS).
In either live or test mode, you can view the order from the storefront or the Stripe Dashboard to confirm that Salesforce Payments processed the payment using the Stripe processor. A Stripe payment intent ID is listed for the order.
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