Create an Operation Scheduler for On-Demand Sandboxes

Realm administrators can configure when to start and stop sandboxes to better manage on-demand sandbox usage. For example, with an Operation Scheduler, you can turn sandboxes on or off at specific times on specified weekdays.

When creating an Operation Scheduler, keep these considerations in mind:

Create an Operation Scheduler using the PATCH/realms/{realm}/configuration method.

  1. To open the Sandbox API user interface, go to B2C Commerce Sandbox API.
  2. Click Authorize.
  3. Enter the API client ID for the Sandbox API.
  4. To dismiss the authorization window and return to the Sandbox API user interface, click Close.
  5. In the Realms section of the Sandbox API user interface, click to expand the PATCH/realms/{realm}/configuration method.
  6. Click Try it out.
  7. In the request body, modify the startScheduler and stopScheduler weekdays and times to when you want to start and stop auto-scheduled sandboxes.
  8. Specify the four-letter ID for the realm.
  9. Click Execute.

    The API creates an Operation Scheduler that manages all sandboxes in the realm with their autoScheduled parameter set to true.
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