What Is an On-Demand Sandbox?

An on-demand sandbox is a public-cloud-based sandbox. When you use on-demand sandboxes, you can expand your sandbox usage when required and roll back usage during slow periods.

To access an on-demand sandbox, you must purchase sandbox credits, enable appropriate permissions and users, and configure a client API ID. Then you can use the self-service API to create the sandbox environments yourself. Using the API, you can also control how many on-demand sandboxes you use and how long the on-demand sandboxes are active.

Permissions for creating and managing on-demand sandboxes are integrated with B2C Commerce Account Manager. When you create an on-demand sandbox, you can specify Open Commerce API and WebDav permissions. You can also specify a time-to-live (TTL) value to automatically delete a sandbox after a specified time interval.

When you create an on-demand sandbox, it's empty, but you can use the standard import and export tools to import data.

You can't directly migrate from a POD-based sandbox to an on-demand sandbox. But you can export data and code from a POD sandbox, and then import the data and code into an on-demand sandbox.

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